Youthreach gets high speed broadband
Proud to be sponsoring 8Mbps Business Enterprise broadband to Youthreach Centre in Hospital.
Data limits increased
Data allowance on all packages has now been increased.
Broadband Speed Upgrade
We are pleased to announce our broadband speed upgrade to existing packages.
NEW 8Mbps High Speed Broadband
We have now launched our 8Mbps download, 2Mbps upload broadband service. Free Wi-Fi
Upgrade work begins

Celtic Broadband have now started work on the upgrade of the former WTS network to carrier class and integrating this network into the existing Celtic Broadband network. This work is on-going and though all steps will be taken to ensure service some customers may have short periods of down time whilst radio links are replaced and the network is re-routed. As each Access Point is linked to our carrier class back-haul microwave links customers will be able to receive higher speeds, lower ping times, greater reliability and level of service.
Customers who have any questions or queries should contact support on 087 162 7070 or email

Last Updated: 24/07/2013
Item Created: 14/11/2012