Youthreach gets high speed broadband
Proud to be sponsoring 8Mbps Business Enterprise broadband to Youthreach Centre in Hospital.
Data limits increased
Data allowance on all packages has now been increased.
Broadband Speed Upgrade
We are pleased to announce our broadband speed upgrade to existing packages.
NEW 8Mbps High Speed Broadband
We have now launched our 8Mbps download, 2Mbps upload broadband service. Free Wi-Fi
Network upgrade

We are delighted to announce that we have now completed work to increase our backhaul bandwidth provision by 300%.
Our new backhaul transit is carried by a ring-resilient fibre based core network to dual Dublin data centers. IP transit is provided by three tier one global carriers to connect to the Internet outside of Ireland.
Our network gateway via INEX and peer directly with every major Irish provider and global organisations such as Google, Microsoft and Netflix which reduces latency and enhances application performance.

Last Updated: 24/07/2013
Item Created: 23/10/2012