Youthreach gets high speed broadband
Proud to be sponsoring 8Mbps Business Enterprise broadband to Youthreach Centre in Hospital.
Data limits increased
Data allowance on all packages has now been increased.
Broadband Speed Upgrade
We are pleased to announce our broadband speed upgrade to existing packages.
NEW 8Mbps High Speed Broadband
We have now launched our 8Mbps download, 2Mbps upload broadband service. Free Wi-Fi
Youthreach gets high speed broadband

We are proud to be sponsoring 8Mbps Business Enterprise broadband to Youthreach Centre in Hospital (part of Limerick and Clare ETB) and hope this helps both the students and staff at the centre.

Youthreach is directed at unemployed young early school leavers. It offers participants the opportunity to identify and pursue viable options within adult life, and provides them with opportunities to acquire certification. It operates on a full-time, year-round basis.
Youthreach offers a flexible and dynamic programme of integrated general education, vocational training and work experience. Learners set personal and educational goals that increase their self-esteem, skill and knowledge base and employability. Essential course elements include Personal and Social Development, Vocational Skills and Communications Skills

Lorraine O‘Leary Centre Co-ordinator stated that we are immensely grateful for the donation by Celtic Broadband and are fully appreciative of their continuing support and monitoring of the service.

Celtic Broadband based in Kilross, Co Tipperary is a local wireless Broadband Company committed to providing fast and reliable broadband in rural areas across County Tipperary, Co. Limerick and parts of Cork & Clare. We are proud to be sponsoring Youthreach in Hospital with free Business Enterprise Broadband in the hope that it will help young people in recognising the numerous educational, economic and social benefits the internet can bring.
With the increases usage of mobile phones, online videos and social networking the internet has a profound influence on young adults providing new patterns of expression, communication and motivation as well as hopefully opening up new job opportunities in the future.
Celtic Broadband is run by Jay Perry (CTO) and Hannah Perry (MD) since 2010 and has grown rapidly over the past year thanks to local support. We also value the support from our local engineers Tom Brouder and Clint Kenmuir.
Using the latest Airmax technology we provide up to 8Mbps broadband across rural communities and can now offer phone services also. No phone line is required for service. 06285185 or 0871627070.

Left to Right Students Erika Yeung and Amie Dawson, Clint Kenmuir (Engineer Celtic Broadband) Josh Perry (Network Technician Celtic Broadband) Jay Perry (Chief Tech Officer Celtic Broadband) Hannah Perry (MD Celtic Broadband) Niav O‘Connell Youthreach Staff, Tom O‘Sullivan Youthreach Staff and Evelyn Scanlon Youthreach Staff. Missing from picture is Tom Brouder (Engineer Celtic Broadband).

Last Updated: 29/01/2015
Item Created: 04/04/2014