Youthreach gets high speed broadband
Proud to be sponsoring 8Mbps Business Enterprise broadband to Youthreach Centre in Hospital.
Data limits increased
Data allowance on all packages has now been increased.
Broadband Speed Upgrade
We are pleased to announce our broadband speed upgrade to existing packages.
NEW 8Mbps High Speed Broadband
We have now launched our 8Mbps download, 2Mbps upload broadband service. Free Wi-Fi
Dedicated point to point link

We can provide high capacity point to point links for internet access with an optional backup in case of failure or to allow the interconnection of existing networks in two or more separate buildings.

Affordable connections with speeds from 10mbps up to 300mbps are now possible using the latest airMax wireless technology.

Please call us on 087-1627070 and our senior engineers would be happy to discuss your requirements and offer advice on the best solution.